General conditions

1. Rental agreement: the terms and conditions of rentals that the tenant validate when booking are set out in the details of the reservation which is worth rental contract.

2. Arrival: The tenant must be present on the specified day and according to the time slot indicated during the reservation. It is however possible to give you the keys on the hour of noon or in the afternoon if the owner is present. Contact the domain in this case

3.Departure: Departure times are indicated on the reservation. There can be no departure outside these beaches unless agreed by the owner.

4.Payment: No payment upon booking, the balance is due 30 days before the arrival date (If payment is not made 30 days before, the reservation is canceled)

5.Cancellation by the tenant:
If the renter wishes to cancel 30 days before arrival, there is no cancellation fee.
At less than 30 days, cancellation fees are 100% of the amount of the stay.

6.Cancellation by the owner: The owner can cancel a stay if he is not in the capacity to receive you.
If the owner cancels 30 days before your arrival there is no cancellation fee.
If the owner cancels within 30 days, the entire stay is refunded to the tenant - the stay is canceled

7.Conclusion of the contract: The reservation is effective as soon as the integral payment of the stay is carried out, at the latest 30 days before the arrival. In the absence of payment 30 days before the date of arrival, the reservation is canceled.

8.Interruption of the stay - Delayed arrival: Any stay which has been the object of a reservation, started or not, is due in full. No reason given can justify a refund. No reduction will be granted in case of late arrival or early departure.

9.No handicapped person: The rooms are not wheelchair accessible

10.Equipment and games: The equipment and games made available in the field are under the responsibility of the parents or in the absence of its legal guardian. The owners of the plane tree domain are relieved of any responsibility should an accident occur.

11.Non-smoking area: It is strictly forbidden to smoke in rooms, even open window. An ashtray is available outside. Thank you to put the set of butts and matches.

12.The invoices: The invoices of stays are to ask the owner during your stay (invoices by email or printed)

13. Arrangement of rooms and furniture: The furniture should not be moved without the explicit agreement of the owner.

14. Skeptical Bone - Rule of Use: Prohibition of wipes or other in the toilet

15.Number of people: The reservation has been established with a defined number of people (children and babies count as one person). The owner is entitled to refuse the rental without refund if the number of people is not respected. In this case, no refund will be made, the stay is canceled by default of the tenant.

16. Animal Park and Floral Park: The animal pens are electrified. It is forbidden to enter the pens. It is forbidden to feed the animals. Do not throw anything in the pens. It is forbidden to bathe in the basins. Minors must be accompanied by an adult outside the area reserved for the cottage, under your supervision and responsibility.

17.Visit premises by the owner - Access: The Tenant may not oppose the visit of the premises if the Owner or his agent make the request. (Need access to electrical panels, water supply valve, boiler maintenance, ... or others).

18. Use of the premises: The tenant must ensure the peaceful character of the rental and make use of it in accordance with the destination of the premises. parties and other noise disturbances are prohibited

19.Animal: This contract specifies that the tenant can not stay with a pet. In case of non-compliance with this clause by the tenant, the owner can refuse the stay. In this case, no refund will be made, the stay is canceled by default of the tenant

20.Cession and Sub-Leasing: Any assignment of rental, total or partial sublet, any provision - even free - are strictly prohibited. The Lessee can not leave the arrangement of the premises, even free of charge and / or by loan, to a person outside his home.